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Residential Skirting Products, Inc. – Quality skirting systems for manufactured homes since 1994

Residential Skirting Products, Inc. was originally founded by Tim Powers who took the idea of manufactured home skirting to a new level of durability, comfort and beauty. The skirting system has become what it is today due to the experience and observation of Mr. Powers. He has taken the intrinsic problems home owners deal with regarding skirting and designed the solutions into the Residential Skirting System.

Many of his ideas are not original in their concept, however they are original in their application specifically to the HUD code manufactured homes. Through fifteen years of trial and error, the System today is a real “prescription” for the home. It is Mr. Powers’ conviction that a properly built and installed skirting system will substantially increase the value of the home and energy savings while creating a healthy environment.

“From the beginning, I looked at the problem and solved it. Once I had a good handle on how to solve the problem, I then set out to apply the solution in an economical way. So many times, especially in the manufactured housing industry, we get caught up with the idea that cheaper is better and we miss the opportunity to create real solutions to real problems.”

Because of these bedrock ideals, we have built the capacity to produce these skirting systems on a production scale. Each “Kit” is built to our specifications assuring that each skirting system is of the highest quality. Our final objective is both durability and lasting beauty.

The idea that a manufactured home is “mobile” is no longer the case. So, we want the system to maintain its quality and beauty for the life of the home. Once it is installed there is no need to ever replace the skirting again – for any reason.

From the beginning, Residential Skirting Products, Inc. set out to offer a skirting system worthy of the manufactured home. We feel we are doing just that.

Tim Powers started in the winter of 1983 doing some repair work on mobile homes for a local dealership as fill-in work. From there he began to offer his services to the manufacturers located in and around Indiana as a contractor. For some time he worked at various levels both in and out of the manufacturer’s service departments. In the fall of 1992 he embarked on developing a framed in skirting system that would strengthen the side walls of the skirting. In 2002 he received the first patent for originating telescoping skirting frames which allow for, among other things, the ability to produce skirting kits in a controlled environment assuring product quality and consistency. Through several successful companies he formed Residential Skirting Products, Inc. with a long time friend and business associate Greg Cassels. Today many people are involved in the company far beyond what Mr. Powers could accomplish on his own. He is responsible for starting it, but everyone else is responsible for running it!