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Residential Skirting Products, Inc. – Customer Testimonials

I was forever adding screws trying to keep my old skirting panels from moving around in the wind and had problems with animals and mice under my home. My pipes also froze during cold spells in the past.
Those problems are all eliminated now. I am really impressed with the Residential Skirting product. It’s so much better than sheet metal. I haven’t had to maintain a single thing since the new skirting was installed. The access door makes it easy to check beneath the house, and the humidifier controls the air there and keeps it nice and dry. The weed wacker doesn’t damage it either. It has really enhanced the appearance of my home as well. I really like everything about it. I am very well pleased. If I had to do it again I would hire the same company I was so impressed. The workmanship is just excellent.
Phil Gasperosky
Swartz Creek Estates

To Whom it may concern: Residential Skirting is a company that tries and succeeds in pleasing the customer. They use quality materials designed to give a more pleasing look to the property as well as a more insulating quality which results in a “greener” home and energy cost savings. The job was done in a timely manner with a minimum of debris at the work site. The changes we asked for were done in a cheerful, no problem manner and were done according to our taste and desires.

Our energy bill is cheaper now and we would recommend this company and skirting improvement kit to any mobile home owner.

James E. Beverly and Janet Lester
Woods & Fields Community

Residential Skirting did a wonderful job on my home and I’m really happy with it. Several people have commented on how nice it looks.
Fred Hilliker
Deer Meadows

We’re thrilled with our skirting and really can’t say enough positive things about the differences we’ve noticed since it was installed. We no longer have a problem with animals getting under our home, and have noticed a big difference in our utility bills. Our house is quieter too. It’s really been a treat. We even had someone stop and ask if our mobile home was sitting on a basement! That’s how nice and solid it looks. We would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for new skirting.
Jerry & Karen Bergeron
Creekwood Estates

We’re happy to report that we couldn’t be more pleased with the job that Residential Skirting did for us in the Spring of 2009. This winter (2009-2010), out of curiosity, we put a thermometer in the center of the crawl space you created beneath our home. When the temperature outside was zero degrees, the temperature in the crawl space was 42 degrees! That explains why we are now able to use the bathroom near our back door. We’ve previously been unable to use it in the winter months because it was just too cold. We can now shower comfortably in that bathroom during the winter months, as the cold is no longer a problem. We’re also saving money on our heating bills. We saved $50 in December, 2009, compared to December, 2008, and $75 in January, 2010, when compared to January, 2009!
Mr. & Mrs. Nuttle
Fenton Oaks

The air conditioner hardly ever comes on. All of my neighbors have commented on how nice it looks.
Mrs. G.
Harbor Cove Community

I wish we had gotten it when we first purchased our home.
Nancy M.
South Valley Estates

It gives our community higher “curb appeal”…it gives a more residential look.
Suzie & Roger H.
Harbor Cove

The residents like it because it helps with their utility bills.
Randy L.
Woods & Fields Community

My feet aren’t cold on the kitchen floor any more.
Mary H.
Creekwood Estates

It’s much quieter inside my house now.
Jim P.
Woods & Fields Community

Our home is much more comfortable this winter thanks to our new skirting. My husband managed to get a thermometer two feet under our home beyond the access door. He checked it when it was only one degree outside, and it was still 41 degrees under the house. We couldn’t be more happy with our purchase and would highly recommend Residential Skirting to anyone that owns a mobile home.
Mr. & Mrs. Strobel
Flushing Estates

I don’t smell the dryer sheets any more.
Tommy & Mary H.
Swartz Creek Estates

You do real good work.
Pat & Ed H.
East Bay Community

I’d be glad to do a commercial for you.
Larry S.
Swartz Creek Estates

When we move a new home into our community we put the Residential Skirting on it right away.
Steve S.
Value Homes LLC

I’ve heard so many good things about it from our neighbors.
Gerry B.
Creekwood Estates

My neighbor doesn’t like us now because the stray cat went under her home.
Joan R.
Centennial Farms

I don’t have to worry about my skirting blowing off when I’m away.
Patricia L.
Hawaiian Gardens

As the manager, I like it because we send out fewer skirting notices to the residents.
Bill W.
North Lake Community

I wanted my mom to be more comfortable.
Kay R.
Fenton Oaks Community

I won’t ever have to do anything with it again.
Bob G.
Pineview Estates