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Residential Skirting Products, Inc. – Business Opportunities

It is estimated that as high as 24% of the housing market in the United States is based in mobile homes. In our home state of Michigan the estimate is just under 1 million! What does every manufactured home community have in common? Every home needs skirting. All of us know, either first-hand or through someone we know, the innate problems with conventional skirting. While manufactured homes have evolved from trailers to houses, the skirting for these structures has not kept up and therefore real problems still exist. Some of these problems are frozen water lines, animal damage, wind damage, missing panels, cold floors, moisture build up and mold growth. For a long time there has been no real alternative solution to address these problems.

Residential Skirting is “The Perfect Prescription For Your Home.” This is our slogan for cluing in home owners to what our skirting product is about. Our product is designed to address and eradicate what conventional skirting cannot do. Our product is virtually a crawl space for Manufactured Homes creating a controlled environment beneath the home conducive to better living and increased energy efficiency for the folks in the home.

THE COMPANY The founders decided early on that the only way to make and keep a strong reputation was to offer a product consistently superior in performance and to make sure that every purchaser gets more through our skirting product than what they paid us. To this end we aspire. Each home owner deserves the respect and attention to detail in order to provide them with a quality result.

Through much development and research Residential Skirting has surpassed all skirting available today.

The popular story that the idea for our product had its beginnings with a service call for a mobile home owner who had framed and insulated his home himself is true. From this experience the founders have perfected all the necessary aspects in order to make Residential Skirting Functional, Affordable, Beautiful and Lasting. Of course everyone is happy (except our competition). Now we have goals.
Our primary goal is to deliver this wonderful product to as many home owners as possible as quickly as possible while maintaining the FABL. We can accomplish this through licensing qualified people as installers.

THE OPPORTUNITY We can train you in pricing the product, installing it and advertising. We can show you how every manufactured home owner can reduce their energy usage by 25%, how they can get money from the U.S. Treasury in the form of energy credits, and how to be the go to person for all community managers and community owners. This is what we are prepared to do for you.

We will charge you a licensing fee and protect your exclusive area of influence. We will provide you with direct marketing, product estimating and sales software, vehicle and job site signage, product warranties and installer transferable guarantees. We will deliver the kit packages to your job sites and provide close expert support throughout the product life cycle. What are we looking for in you? We look for character traits. The top three? Hard Working, Honest, Persistent.

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