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Residential Skirting Products, Inc. – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Residential Skirting?
Residential Skirting is an insulated, steel framed skirting system designed to create a permanent residential crawl space for HUD code manufactured homes. It is also applicable for decks, office units, barracks, school rooms, and any other pier supported structure requiring a climate controlled crawl space.

Will skirting keep animals from beneath my home?
Animals have always posed a problem for home owners. From destruction of heating ducts and insulation to unhealthy odors and disease, the space beneath your home is a strong temptation for animal habitation. Our skirting system is specifically designed to deter animals from seeking your home’s crawl space and to keep them out.

How much will your skirting save me compared to what I have now?
Traditional skirting was designed to simply hide axles, frames and tongues- to give a certain appearance. For “trailers” this was sufficient. While the manufactured home has gone through revolutionary changes making it a permanent house structure, the skirting has not… until our product. Residential Skirting is specifically designed to create a climate beneath your home. This climate keeps the heat ( during colder months ) and cool ( during warmer months ) under your home. In comparison to regular skirting, Residential Skirting improves the efficiency of your crawl space exponentially and can lower your energy bills up to 35%!

Can I install your skirting myself?
Because Residential Skirting is a system made up of several components, unlike traditional skirting, it requires a trained installer in order to achieve all the benefits properly. While trailer skirting takes only several hours to finish, Residential Skirting usually takes two to four days to complete.

How often will I need to replace your skirting compared to what I have now?
On average trailer skirting lasts about five years before major repairs are required. Residential Skirting is designed to last the life of the home.

Will your skirting help with mold and moisture in my home?
Moisture is a constant problem in many areas. It causes ongoing damage and promotes decay. Residential Skirting helps to control moisture and therefore reduce all moisture related problems such mold, mildew, decay and the like.

Does your skirting increase my resale value?
Every home with the Residential Skirting has increased resale value. Residential Skirting becomes an integral part of the home itself. For any prospective purchaser the idea of having a permanent crawl space instead of regular skirting has uncompromised value.

How much maintenance is required for your skirting?
Unlike trailer skirting which requires constant maintenance and repair, Residential Skirting is virtually maintenance-free. The design of this product makes maintenance obsolete, other than occasional cleaning.

Why wasn’t your skirting offered to me by my broker?
Because of the significant benefits for the home owner, having a third party involved in reselling Residential Skirting is not a good business model. Unlike regular skirting, Residential Skirting carries a home owner transferable guarantee. Although any broker can purchase Residential Skirting for its resale home, the guarantee is for the home owner.

Do you stand behind your promises?
Our motto is “Do it once, do it right”. Our philosophy is based on the idea that the home owner should get more than what they pay for. To quote from a founder, “Residential Skirting is without a doubt your best choice for protecting and insulating your home; in turn adding to its value and beauty.” Our goal is to not only make good on what we say, but to do a little more.

What is the blue energy star?
This Logo is owned by the Department of Energy and represents promoting energy efficiency. It is voluntary for companies to associate with it. It does not give any stamp of approval to Residential Skirting. What it does mean is that Residential Skirting shares the same ideas about energy efficiency.

How can I purchase your skirting?
You may purchase our system from any Licensed Installer or call us directly.

How long does it take to upgrade my home?
On average, your “kit” takes thirty days to arrive at your home. The installation takes from three to five days from start to finish. This includes removal of your existing skirting, site prep and clean up at the end of the job.

Can you install your skirting during the winter months?
In most areas Residential Skirting is installed year-round.

Are there others who have your skirting?
Because of our quality standards and workmanship guarantee, installers who become licensed by Residential Skirting Product, Inc., have the right to sell and install our product. It is a protected product.

Do you have different colors available?
At the present Residential Skirting comes in a choice of twenty six approved colors available in Stacked Stone, Hand Laid Brick and Hand Cut Stone styles.

What if my community does not allow your skirting?
We have a strong community relations department and deep references which enables us to convince the most stodgy community owners to allow residents to purchase the product. Not to mention, it drastically improves their community living standards and curb appeal.

What if I want to move my home to another location?
Because of the design, Residential Skirting can be dismantled and reinstalled.