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Residential SkirtingProducts Two Year Guarantee on Workmanship
Residential SkirtingProducts, Incorporated offers this unconditional and transferable two year guarantee at no additional cost to you. Residential SkirtingProducts wants to provide you, our valued customer, with confidence in your decision to purchase the Residential SkirtingSystem by offering our two year unconditional and transferable installation guarantee: which states as follows: Residential SkirtingProducts, Incorporated of Michigan located at 4031 S. Dort Highway, Suite 11, Burton, Michigan 48529 does hereby unconditionally guarantee it’s original installation of the Residential SkirtingSystem on your home for a period of two years commencing from the date of completion. Our guarantee is on the installation of the Residential Skirting System and is therefore fully transferable among owners of the home. You may contact Residential Skirting Products, Incorporated either by mail at the above noted address or by phone at 810-210-7794.  
Thank You for your trust in us”
Novik Warranty
The Novikskirting panels are also covered under a separate, transferable warranty. Please read the NovikWarranty here.
Manufacturer’s Use Certification Statement for the Residential SkirtingSystem
Residential Skirting Products, Incorporated of Michigan, 4031 S. Dort Highway, Suite 11, Burton, Michigan 48529, admits to the best of its knowledge that the Residential SkirtingSystem is designed specifically and primarily to reduce energy loss or gain of a dwelling unit when installed properly in or on it, and may be taken into account in determining that the building thermal envelope requirements established by the IECC 2000 are satisfied. It is its belief that such System is in fact an Eligible Building Envelope System that qualifies for the credit allowed under sec. 25C of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and as applicable, the Extend Act (S.822) of 2008, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Additional requirements:
  1. The System is installed on a dwelling unit located within the United States, the dwelling unit is owned and used by the taxpayer as the taxpayer’s principal residence.
  2. The original use of the System commences with the taxpayer.
  3. The System reasonably can be expected to remain in use for at least two years1..
  In accordance with additional requirements Residential Skirting Products, Incorporated of Michigan warrants, at no additional charge, its Residential Skirting in the event of defect in material or workmanship for a period of not less than two years1.. Under penalties of perjury, We declare that We have examined this certification statement, and to the best of Our knowledge and belief, the facts are true, correct, and complete.  
  Timothy T. Powers, President
  1. Residential Skirting Products Manufacturer’s warranty for the Residential Skirting is a two year transferable labor warranty. For purposes of this requirement, the company has modified this warranty to include the requirement as set forth for the purpose of the Energy Tax Credit. Residential Skirting Products Incorporated receives no benefit for this. 2005. 2008. 2009.
Energy Credit IRS Guidance 2010
Our insulated skirting system meets ECC Qualifications for energy tax credit approval. We are the only skirting company to qualify! Please read the Energy Credit Guidance Report from the IRS to see how you could qualify for a tax credit by installing Residential SkirtingProducts.